Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trains and things

Once again I pop in with a quick update. School is going well, aside from that one class that is driving me absolutely nuts (and as I said, I teach them eight sessions a week.) But, the working relationship with the other teachers is good, and I like the kids, even when they make me want to tear my hair out. Oh well.

Dani is starting to talk a bit more. We were looking at a farm board book yesterday morning, and he was pointing at things and saying some words (or approximations of words) like sun, moon, different animal sounds, etc. Then he was looking at the cover and pointed at the title and started making letter sounds-- clearly he recognized that it was text and when you see letters you make certain sounds, even though he doesn't know how to match the sounds up with the letters yet. He has seen Elías sounding out words many times so has the basic idea down (and his brothers and grandmother have been trying to teach him to say the vowel sounds, so that's what he was saying.)

And an Elías story: this afternoon the boys had watched a DVD of old Scooby-Do episodes (the first one was from 1969! I didn't watch them because I was putting Dani down for his nap, but I probably would have recognized a few.) So later he was in his room playing and I heard him singing one of his made-up songs (apparently I also did this when I was his age-- now I still sing all the time, but these days it's usually preschool songs that are stuck in my head, and Pedro and Elías keep telling me to stop!) Here's the song:

I am not a human, yeah
I am a dog
and I am brown
and I am brown
and I am brown
and my name is Scooby-Do, oh yeah!

(Actually it went on in this vein for awhile, but that's what I remember.)

And now to try to get some work done before bed!

ETA: Oops-- I forgot the train part-- tonight Dani was in the boys' room saying goodnight, and he saw the Thomas the Tank Engine book, and started pointing at it excitedly, saying, "Train! Train! Train!" The other day we were looking at a vehicles board book and he pointed at and had words for the train, the car, and the motorcycle as well. So he is starting to talk more. Also I was talking to a mother of one of Elías's classmates yesterday, and she said she had run into my MIL with Dani at the supermarket the other day-- MIL asked Dani what he wanted, and he pointed at some box of chocolate things and said clearly "That!" The mother told MIL, "He's answering you in English!"

Okay, now I really am going to go...


Lilian said...

Good to hear from you!! Every weekend I wonder, "Is Kate going to have time to post this weekend?" And I reflect for a moment that your life must have become pretty hectic.

Trains are fun, aren't they? Linton is having a Thomas birthday, even at 6. That's what he wants.

Cute stories from your boys. Thanks for sharing!

Lilian said...

I was just wondering... are we facebook friends? I can't remember, my head isn't working properly with all the tiredness... In any case, you know my name and you can find me there if you want!

kate said...

Lilian, I am not on Facebook (one of the last holdouts around, probably-- I don't do Twitter either, and as you have noticed, I hardly blog anymore, either! And I never send txt messages on my cell phone and I don't own any sort of iPod or similar devices...

tagskie said...

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joven said...

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Samantha@ Living In The Sun said...

Nice blog, my kids still watch Scooby-do as do I somtimes, I never grew up. Good Post.
Regards Sam

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